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Toni B!'s !AVID CENTER's Services/Classes

CAMP T-B!AC 2007


Awesome cheerleading services offered for specialized training individuals and/or teams by uniting cheerleaders of a common interest who lack the resources to attend major camps, workshops, master classes, and competitions. !AVID CENTER gives you the opportunity be trained by professionals in the industry. Prepare yourself and/or your child for a winning season by gaining skills from camps, workshops, individual personal training, and professional training from instructors who are !AC Certified in Cheerleading Instruction!  This service is well noted for excellent cheerleading technique and illustrations of cheerleader spirit!  

  • ALL LEVELS (Recreational Parks, Junior High, Senior High, Collegiate, Professional)
  • Individual Training
  • Squad 3, 4, or 5 Day Camps, Workshops, and Competitions
  • Summer Classes
  • "TRB ALLSTAR" Cheerleading Squad

Registration Fee - $25.00  Yearly

MONTH - $45.00  

6 MONTHS (1 MONTH FREE!) - $225.00

12 MONTHS (2 MONTHS FREE!) - $450.00

2nd Family Member/Child - $35.00, 3rd -$20.00 , 4th, etc. $10.00

Personal Training Rates - 30mins - $35.00, 45 mins- $45.00, 1 hour -$60.00

Demo Fee - .00, TRBCC Shirt - .00 Pom Poms - .00

TRB ALLSTARS - .00 (Includes pom poms, uniform, jacket, bag, & demo fee.)

T*ALLSARS - Ages 5,6,7,8 year old   R*ALLSTARS - 9,10,11, 12 year old  B*ALLSTARS-13 & up




Improve your quality of life with the assistance of a team of certified 

fitness professionals by taking fun and exciting fitness classes that we offer! 

Our fitness program mission is to educate, demonstrate, communicate,

motivate, and promote the ideology of wellness and fitness to all individuals.

All instructors are !AC Certified.    Classes offered:

  • Basic Training
  • Body Sculpt
  • Circuit Training
  • Deep Stretch
  • Killa Abs
  • Lo/Hi Impact (Beginner, Intermediate, Advance)
  • MASTER CLASS by Toni B! (Open)
  • Pilates
  • Specialty Classes: 

          *Afrobics  *Belly Dance Aerobics  *Hike Walk

          *Hip Hop/Funk Aerobics  *Kick Boxing

          *Salsaerobics  *Self Defense/Karate

  • Yoga
  • DIVA! Fitness Pros

Seminars include Basic Nutrition and Health Forums with Physicians

and Health Professionals.

No Registration Fee! FITNESS MONTHLY - $55.00

6 MONTH FITNESS Membership - (1 Month Free) - $275.00

12 MONTH FITNESS Membership - (2 Months Free!) - $550.00

Single Classes, with out membership, $10.00.

2nd Child/Member - $45.00 per month, 3rd- $35.00, 4th, etc, $25.00 per month

Personal Training Rates-  30mins , 45mins, 1 Hour {CALL FOR RATES}

!AC Fitness Pros -





Take advantage of the rare opportunity to build self esteem and character

for valuable training and adequate grooming of potential models needed

for the possibility of a professional career.  All instructors are Professional

Models and !AC Certified in Modeling Instruction. Classes offered:

  • Professional Training and Workshops: 

         *Acting  *Cold Readings  *Improv   *Hosting/Demonstrating  *Make Up

         *Pageantry  *Poise  *Public Speaking/Relations  *Resume Building

         *Runway  *Self Image

  • Professional Photography Services (Snapshots by Toni B!)
  • Self Esteem/Confidence Workshops
  • Management (TBDEP)
  • Pageantry

Registration Fee - $25.00    Monthly Membership - $45.00

6 Month MODELING Membership (1 Month free!) - $225.00

12 Month MODELING Membership (2 Months free!) - $450.00

Single classes, without membership is $10.00.

2nd Child/Member - $35.00 per month, 3rd - $20.00, 4th, etc., $10.00 per month

Private Lessons - 30 mins - .00, 45 mins - .00, 1 Hour - .00

!AC Glamour Models - .00 (Includes portfolio, bag, demo fee, and baby T/Shirt)





We aim to extensively train potential dancers with the necessary skills in

order to be talented professionals in the entertainment industry.  Qualified

individuals have the opportunity to join a highly professional entertainment

productions company.  All instructors are Professional Dancers and are

!AC Certified in Dance Instruction. Dance training available via

Professional One on One or Group.

!AC Dance Academy (Revue Shows, Recitals):

  • african
  • B! Boy
  • belly dance
  • bolero
  • broadway
  • can can
  • combination dance
  • freestyle
  • jazz
  • latin (salsa, merengue, bachata, mambo)
  • line
  • lyrical
  • MASTER CLASS by Toni B!
  • modern
  • riverdance
  • samba
  • showgirl tipping
  • social "happy" hour
  • street hip hop
  • swing
  • NEW! The Wedding Dance!

Specialty Dance Groups:

  • !AC Allstars Dance Team
  • !AC 50+ Years Young Dance Troupe
  • !AC Baby Bop Dance Team
  • !AC B! boys Street Team
  • !AC Dance Daddys (along with daughter/son)
  • !AC Dance Mamas (along with daughter/son)
  • TBDEP B! girls

Summer Sessions are available.  Private lessons at your convenience.

Registration Fee - $25.00    Monthly Membership - $45.00

6 Month MODELING Membership (1 Month free!) - $225.00

12 Month MODELING Membership (2 Months free!) - $450.00

Single classes, without membership is $10.00.

2nd Child/Member - $35.00 per month, 3rd - $20.00, 4th, etc., $10.00 per month

**new** ADULT DANCE ONLY (Mondays, 21+) $45.00 per month - no reg fee!

.00 REVUE Fee (Optional)

.00 REVUE Fee (Optional)

.00 - 2 Costumes (including elaborate feeathered headdresses)

.00 dance sneakers,  .00 Character Shoes

PRIVATE LESSONS - 30 mins - .00, 45 mins - .00, 1 Hour - .00


!AC All - STARS I & II  .00 - Ages 7-11 and 12-17 - Competition Teams will receive shirt, jacket, uniform, and bag.

!AC DANCE DADDYS .00 - Father and daughter dancers . Includes 2 shirts (father and daughter sizes) and revue fee.

!AC 5-O's .00 - 50 years of age and older.  Includs shirt and demo fee.

!AC DANCE MAMA's  .00 - Mother and daughter dancers. Includes 2 shirts (mother and daughter sizes) and revue fee.

!ABABY BOP .00 - Children under the age of 6. Includes a shirt and revue fee.

!AC B! BOY .00 - Males only. Includes B! BOY shirt and demo fee.





"There's NO POINTE here!"

About five years ago, a frustrated mother filed a complaint alleging that her young, white talented dancer, Fredrika, aged 8, had been refused admission to the San Francisco Ballet School on the basis of body type, which her complaint was an attempt to prevent discrimination based on height or weight by any organization receiving any city funding.

The debate that followed concentrated on the ‘ballerina’ on the basis that it is generally in ballet that the dancer’s body is required to conform to a particular size and shape, and that is much more prevalent for the female than male ballet dancer. All popular ballet school’s predilection for long slender limbs in their female dancers is well-known. In addition, young women are much more prone to develop eating disorders as a result of trying to maintain a slenderness that a healthy body cannot support.

The published criteria for entry into the school are: “The ideal candidate is a healthy child with a well-proportioned, slender body; a straight and supple spine, legs that are well turned out from the hip joint, and correctly arched feet. The child should also have an ear for music and an instinct for movement.” The school’s published criteria illustrate the sad truth that for ballet schools, an aptitude for dance is secondary to physical aptitude, which, in itself, prescribes a particular body type.

A great deal of the debate about the dancer’s body is predicated on the fact that the elite ballet schools are searching for the stars of tomorrow for their companies. In reality, only two or three pupils will progress from the elite ballet school into their company each year. Where do the others go? Should such schools be providing a broader education, preparing the pupils in the knowledge that the majority will have to seek positions in other ballet companies, pursue other types of dance, or indeed live a life outside of dance? If only a few are ultimately selected for the company, need all pupils selected for the school be of the rigid body type that it is expected will progress to the company, should the schools be allowed to function just on the lines of creating a large pool of uniform dancers from which to draw the lucky three? Should dance schools provide a broader education, both in dance, so that the dancers can move to other forms if not successful in getting into the main company, and generally?

Realistically and basically, as part of that decision, they must take into account that students who are less talented, or who struggle with their weight will have not only a frustrating experience training, but also in the end are less likely to succeed.

AND........that's not the half of it - What does this say about practitioners and supporters of classical ballet for people of color? What does this say about The American Ballet Company, The San Francisco Ballet School, and many other prestigious ballet companies and schools here in the United States who have the resources to offer opportunities for ballet training and employment but have no notable presence of dancers with Black, African, Hispanic, or Asian heritages? Is it a fact that young aspiring dancers of color will meet insurmountable boundaries like mediocre training, discouragement, and lack of opportunities for employment in American ballet schools and companies if there is not a place for them? It would seem so given the few dancers of diverse heritages employed by American ballet companies, prejudicial teaching practices experienced by dancers of diverse heritages, and continued ignorance and racialism beliefs regarding the black dancing body.  What then would this  "ballet training" do for them - that's IF they get accepted?  At the !AVID CENTER, you and or/your child (of WHATEVER RACE, CULTURE, or HERITAGE) can get all the training you need in a JAZZ TECHNIQUE class. Jazz is very universal with the usage of most terms found in ballet.


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