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Get Ready for ONE of THE Best Decisions of YOUR life!! JOIN our Fabulous Fitness Program!!


Subject to space availability. (Please text 504-473-4654 in advance!)

All of our exciting and effective fitness classes are available for all fitness levels!  There are no annual registration or hidden fees, no contracts and no obligations!  We offer the BEST service from our AFAA and/or T-B!AC Certified Instructors/Group Exercise Leaders for you. Our 45 MINUTES - 1 HOUR fitness workout classes are safe, fun, exciting, motivational, and effective!    JUST STARTING OUT??  We have designed personal "Weight Control" program for all of our members. Please check the SCHEDULE Page or below for class type and for the class times.





3 MONTHS FOR $140.00

6 MONTHS FOR $280.00



FITNESS MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP   $55.00/mo. (Fifty five dollars/per month)All monthly fees are due at the beginning of each month before class!

6 MONTH FITNESS MEMBERSHIP (save & get 1 month free) - $275.00/6 mos. (Two hundred seventy five dollars/per 6 months)

YEARLY FITNESS MEMBERSHIP (save & get 2 months free!) -  $550.00/year   (Five hundred fifty dollars/per 12 months) 

Single Classes are twenty dollars ($20.00).


TEXT (504) 473-4654 for any questions.  It's just THAT EASY!!


Improve your quality of life with the assistance of a team of certified fitness professionals by taking fun and exciting fitness classes that we offer! Our fitness program mission is to educate, demonstrate, communicate, motivate, and promote the ideology of wellness and fitness to all individuals. All instructors are T-B!AC Certified. Classes offered:

  • Basic Training
  • Body Sculpt
  • Boot Camp (Advanced!)
  • Circuit Training
  • Deep Stretch
  • Free Weights
  • Killa KILLA Abs
  • Lo/Hi Impact (Beginner, Intermediate, Advance)
  • MASTER CLASS by Toni B! (Open)
  • Specialty Classes: *"T-Bumba"* Afrobics *Belly Dance Aerobics *Hike Walk *Hip Hop/Funk Aerobics *Kick Boxing *Salsaerobics *Line Dance* & MORE!
  • *Seminars - Basic Nutrition and Health Forums.  



SEE OUR SCHEDULE PAGE FOR TIMES and CLASS DESCRIPTIONS. Here is a weekly overview of our classes:


Monday - BOOT CAMP I         6:30 pm - 7:15 pm

Monday - ADVANCED GLADIATOR BOOT CAMP     7:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Tuesday - LO/HI                   5:00 am -6:00 am

Wednesday - MERENGUE MADNESS/SALSAEROBICS 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Thursday - LO/HI                      5:00 am - 6:00 am

Thursday - BODY SCULPT            7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Saturday - "PARDIO CARDIO" LO/HI         8:30 am - 9:30 am

**Saturday - "GLADIATOR SI TB-MAX" (Not included in membership) 10:15 am - 11:15 am




Here's what are Fabulous Fitness Members are saying about us:

       "I never thought I'd enjoy getting my ass bust!" ~Raynard, Fit Member

     "Toni is like my big sister - there are times I dont like her but I love her because I know she cares about me and always has my best interests at heart!"   ~Amelia, Fit Member

     "The kick butt workouts you've always wanted with a strong positive attitude from Toni B! Get ready to sweat!!!!"   ~Amber, VooDoo Doll

       "Toni B! is amazing! She teaches the importance of fitness and nutrition in order to achieve your goal. Gladiator Mondays are a Beast! Go Hard or Go Home!! Triple Monday Meltdown is the Shi#!"   ~Sequoyah, 2013 Biggest Female Loser

      "Hard Hard Work, Dedication, Consistency, Determination, Patience, Support, Success all equals TONI B!!!!!"   ~Ms. Jennifer, 2012 Big Loser

      "Thank You Toni B! my trainer, fitness instructor for encouragement and overwhelming fitness results along with my health."  ~Nina, 2013 Big Loser

      "Toni B is Awesome. She gets the best out of you when you thought it couldn't be done. Best fitness-get-it-in-instructor ever! Like Toni B says, 'We Love this stuff!''  ~Bobbie, 2011 Biggest Loser 

      "One word 'KILLER!!!!' Everytime I hear the word 'Ab Chewahs' I cringe in despair lol... But the pain and agony is so worth it!!!!  ~Jaime, VooDoo Doll Capt.

       "What can I say I love my trainer Toni B...the BEST investment & money  I have spent on ME!!!! Toni really cares & loves her members!!!"   ~Arainer, 2013 Biggest Female Loser

        "I was in decent shape before I met Toni B! With her guidance I've been able to take my personal fitness to the next level. I'm finally comfortable in my own skin thanks to Toni. And trust me all those "damn, look at dem abs" makes every ab chewah worth it! Like I feel like that doesn't even do it justice. Literally your workouts have changed my life. My confidence level is like through the roof because of you and it's helped on every aspect of my life."  ~Brittany "Bdub", VooDoo Doll Capt.

        "Toni B!'s class is a great experience.  I've lost a total of 85 pounds by commiting myself daily to exercising and eating healthy. I believe if no one else can encourage you, Toni B! can.  One of Toni B!'s favorite saying is exercise is not an option, it's what I do.  Thanks to God and Toni B!  I did it in one year and two months, and I have been happy for the past two years."   ~Belinda, T-B!AC's 2009 BIGGEST LOSER! 

          "Being apart of Toni B's classes have really given me wonderful results. Those ass kicking workouts now have me more toned than I've been in a long time. The energy and the support you give keeps me going. You make me want to do better and go harder everyday. Love your Doll Chrissy 😘#whobetterthanToni haha"  ~Chrissy, VooDoo Doll

          "Omg!! You are such an awesome person/ trainer. God blessed!!  ~Krystal, 2012 Big Loser

             "Great energy and positive motivation! Toni B's Avid Center will help you make one of the best decisions in your life! Getting fit and staying healthy!"  ~Tiffany, VooDoo Doll

        "Talk about TOUGH but EFFECTIVE! Me and that scale don't always see eye to eye but dealing with a top notch trainer like Toni B herself, she helps push, educate, and motivate all at the same time! Workouts are killer but who doesn't want to have a killer body?? I know I with each push up and burpee Toni has us doing I picture that coke bottle killer body!! Lol!" ~Jasmine "Minnie," VooDoo Doll

I just want to personally invite you to our facility to change your life once and for all! and be BETTER than before! Let’s both take this mission and get fit together!   Now whatcha waiting on? Let's work it out!!                 ~Toni B!, FITNESS/LIFE COACH


2013 Toni B!'s !AVID CENTER's






PURCHASE A REMINDER WRIST BAND ($2.00) & A BUMPER STICKER ($5.00):  Leave the wrist band on ALL WEEK - looking at it will remind you to keep abs contracted & work out EVERY DAY!!     Place bumber sticker inside the back glass of car - when approaching your vehicle - watch POSTURE! Chest up, Abs in, & back straight!   *HOMEWORK - 7 MIN CRUNCHES/MORNING &  WORK OUT EVERYDAY! *DRINK 4 (four) 16 oz of  water/day! 


Remember, exerise is not an option!! It's what we do!! (We love this stuff!!)