'13 BIGGEST LOSER "Mr. Shannon"

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Meet our 2013 BIGGEST LOSER, Mr. Shannon!!

In the HERSTORY of Toni B!'s !AVID CENTER, Mr. Shannon lost a RECORD BREAKING total of 95 POUNDS!!

People have reasons & motivation as to why they wanted to get back into shape. When did it occur to you that it was time for YOU to start working out?

When I went to the mall shopping for new clothes and couldn't find anything in my size. The only thing that I could buy out of the mall was shoes 

*Have you ever had a weight issue before?
Explain if so. 

I always was a big dude, but I wasn't fat. I started gaining weight in the 7th grade and it went out of control from there.

*What was your physical fitness background? (Sports? Extracurricular activities?)
I played baseball up until high school. My senior year I was on the basketball team. After high school I played softball and basketball in different leagues around the city. After Katrina I decided to go back to school. I attended Alcorn State university where I was a member of the track and field team. I also joined the track and Field fraternity/ sorority T-Phi-T  

*This has been a phenomenal transformation journey for you Shannon! How has your journey of losing roughly 95 pounds been like? What KEPT you motivated??

I used to watch every weight loss show that came on and used to say if I had a chance to get on one of those shows I would win because I hate to lose more than I love winning. When I walked into your doors I just thought that it would be just like any other workout class but I was so wrong. I seen the pictures on the wall with the biggest losers I wanted to be on that wall. I used that winning competitive drive that I have always had as motivation and fuel for my journey towards a healthy lifestyle. My experience has been awesome. I have so much energy now I don't know what to go with it. People walk up to me daily asking me to help them sell weight loss pills and shakes and I decline all of there offers, because I know none of that Sh!t work like a criss cross out 

*What has been your BIGGEST benefit since you've lost that much weight?

My biggest benefit has been my overall health. I suffered with sinus and ear problems my whole life and since my weight lost I haven't had any problems at all. 

*How did you hear about Toni B!'s !AVID CENTER?
I heard about Toni B through my mother Jennifer Edwards who is also a big loser