2013 (Female) BIGGEST LOSER "Ms. Arainer"

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Meet our 2013 FEMALE BIGGEST LOSER, Ms. Arainer!!

Meet our 2013 BIGGEST LOSER, Arainer and learn how she started her journey!

Some have a moment when enough is enough! When did it occur to you that it was time to get back in shape?

All of my life I have put everything and everyone in front of me.  I went through a divorce after 23 years of marriage and with the divorce, came many changes and with the changes, came stress. I started finding comfort in food, especially sweets. I had stress at home and on the job which brought on medical issues  I was taking two (2) pills for High blood pressure, a pill for High cholesterol, a pill for being borderline diabetic and checking my sugar at least twice a day.   I also was sleeping with a machine for sleep apnea. I no longer cared about me but Ohhhhh!  It hit me when I saw myself on a video from one of the liturigical dances our group was viewing and I looked about 5 months pregnant.  The whole time the video played I kept saying out loud, 'man I look pregnant!'  I didn’t like what I saw on that video and I knew it was time to do something.  


What was your motivation?

My Motivations are the following:

  •  Don’t want to be taking a whole bunch of pills now or later in life.
  • My dad had a stroke when he was in his late 50s lost 25% of his memory and died at the early age of 61 from kidney failure due to high blood pressure.
  • I want to be around for my kids and my grandson and be able to be a productive mother and grandmother.
  • Ability to fit in clothes that I haven’t been able to fit in YEARSSSSS…not paying an arm and leg for clothes, being able to go into any store and buy an outfit.
  • Not taking all the medications that I was taking before. I now take one pill for my blood pressure, I don’t sleep with the machine or take a pill for my being borderline diabetic and I am waiting to see if I can discontinue my high cholesterol pill.

Have you ever had any weight issues before in the past?

Yes my weight has been up and down since I had my first child in 1986.  It really got out of control after my last child in 1994.  I tried a weight loss program and loss a significant amount of weight but after Katrina, I was not able to get the products I needed to keep the weight off.  Due to all the stressors in my life I would stress eat and sweets were my pleasure and comfort.  I would drink a Coke Zero at least 3 times a day.  My divorce in 2007 brought my self esteem to a bottom low and I guess sub consciously I was putting me on the back burner.

How has your journey of losing roughly 34 pounds been?  How has your weight loss affected you personally?

It has not been easy.  I have sometimes been discouraged when I didn’t lose or if I gained inches due to job stress.  But I always remember that a new day is coming and I can get it right the next day. My weight loss has made me more confident and my self esteem has sky rocked.  Losing weight has not only changed me but the people around me too, some jealous but others are happy for me and complementary.  It really makes me smile when people I have not seen in a while don’t recognize me.  Personally,  I love me more and my attitude has totally changed about a lot of things.  I have learned to put me first, make healthier choices and know that my worth is PRICELESS.  I have to remind myself that I’m not in the Plus sizes and I don’t have to go to the stores where I once shopped.

How did you hear about Toni B’s AVID CENTER?

I go to church with Toni B and I saw one of my church members and oh my goodness! He looked GREAT!  I knew then I needed Toni in my life, but I also knew I  had to get my mind right.


What is your favorite workout class(es) at Toni B’s AVID CENTER and why?

I have two (2) classes that are my favorite that’s Gladiator and Merengue Madness/Meltdown I like Gladiator because it is hard core, challenging and pushes me. Every time I complete a Gladiator class I walk out Proud of me (cause it’s the class most of the members won’t touch).   I also like the Merengue Madness/Meltdown because I get the opportunity to do what I enjoy the most - dancing.  My favorite move is ARRIBA DE because this move reminds me to love me and to love all of me.

If you could grade/rate our services what would it be?




Do you ever plan on stopping working out?  Do you have any new fitness goals for the future?

No never, working out is no longer an option it’s a necessity.  Yes I plan on being one of the elites out of the 200 Club and lose about 25 more pounds.  I want to continue on the road to be a Better and Healthier ME!


If you can give advice to someone maybe having a hard time just starting out and wanting to lose weight, what would you say?

There will only be ONE (1) you and nobody can take care of you like you can!  Your worth is PRICELESS so you need to Get in this thing, get your mind right and put YOU before everyone else.  The results you will see will be well worth it and you will LOVE the new YOU!  I am not saying that it will be easy because sometimes I still struggle but I keep it moving and keep going!!