2013 (Female) BIGGEST LOSER "Ms. Sequoyah"

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Meet our 2013 FEMALE BIGGEST LOSER, Ms. Sequoyah!!!!

*Certain people have a reason & motivation as to why they wanted to get back into shape. When did it occur to you that it was time for YOU to start working out?

I knew I didn't want to be Fat anymore so I had to do something. Toni B❗️made that happen for me.

*Have you ever had a weight issue before?
I was always "Thick" but never considered myself Fat. After I had my son I lost a lot of weight so I started to get somewhat relaxed with my diet. So overtime I started to gain weight and after awhile I didn't recognize myself! Lol

*How has your journey of losing roughly 34 pounds been? 

OMG ❗️When I tell you, I will never I mean never go back. This has been one of the hardest things I have ever done. Easy on Extra Hard to get Off.

*What challenges have you had on your weight loss journey?

The hardest challenge that I've encountered is leaving the mixed drinks and beer alone. I really didn't realize how much weight those things put on you. Lol

*How did you hear about Toni B!'s !AVID CENTER?

Me and my mom were coming from the restaurant next door and saw everybody working out.
(I thought your mom saw another fitness member, & she and your aunt joined first?)

They were the first to join, but me and my mom walked in while class was going on and you put us out. Lol. Then when she saw Mrs. Roxanne they started talking about how much weight she had loss and she was like, I go to Toni B❗️

*What is your favorite workout class at Toni B!'s !AVID CENTER and why?

My favorite classes are Gladiator & Merengue Madness. It's hard hard hard hard work but you make it fun for us.

*If you can grade/rate our services, what would it be?

1-10 I give Toni B Avid Center a 100. She makes us a part of her family. We work hard but we also have fun. I love it!

*Do you ever plan on stopping working out?
I will NEVER stop working out! NEVER! The fat is too hard to get off. Lol

*Do you have any new fitness goals for the future?
I want a 12 pack. Lol and I'm not talking beer.

*If you can give advice to someone maybe having a hard time just starting out and wanting to lose weight, what would you say??

Just stick with it and don't give up. It is hard but the results are worth it.

Well, I've been witnessing your transformation first hand so becoming our 2013 BIGGEST LOSER is a well deserved title for you! Congratulations Sequoyah! Keep up the hard work!!