Toni B!'s !AVID CENTER's 2008 "BIG LOSER"

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Meet Ms. Pattie! (Ms. Pat!)

Ms. Pat has been a Fitness member of Toni B!'s !AVID CENTER since March of 2007.  Within that time she has been a loyal member to our studio!  She is committed to making a positive change in her life by treating herself to a healthy lifestyle.  Although she has been active in the past, she has seen the most drastic change by being a member here. Read what she had to say in her exclusive interview...... 

How she got started.......

Q: Ms Pat is our 2008 Biggest Loser. What actually got you started here at the !AVID CENTER?

Ms. Pat: Well one Saturday, a friend of mine saw an ad in the paper & she said, 'lets go try Toni B!' I said ok, I'll give it a try because before I came here I was going to Jazzercise.

Q: So you've been a member here at Toni B!'s !AVID CENTER since March of 2007. You saw a significant change in September 2008. Can you tell us about that change.

Ms. Pat: Oh well, after I had been coming here since March, Toni B! said, 'I have some members who have been coming here for several months and still look the same to me.' So I said let me get with the program because I was really doing it for fun. But once she said we have this goal to meet and I said to myself,  let me get serious. So I got serious.

Q: How did you stick and stay with the program? I know sometimes it's hard I know you have all intentions to stay with it but then you fall off.  How did you stick with it?

Ms. Pat: I started watching what I was eating.

Q: Because that was the big culprit for you?

Ms. Pat: Yes that was the big culprit right there - eating. So I just tried to cut down on my eating and try to eat more healthier and get that water down, plenty water!

Q: If you had the opportunity to give some one advice what you tell them?

Ms. Pat: I would tell them so start here at the !AVID CENTER and get the exercise going and to watch what they're  eating. Once they do that, come regularly to exercise, and they can do it. It's all about discipline.

Q: Discipline and commitment don't you think?

Ms. Pat: Yes discipline and commitment, that's it!

Q: It looks very good on you, I must say! Now let's see, (pulling out old weigh ins records) that 's 45.8 pounds you've lost!  That is excellent! That's hard work, dedication, commitment, everything else.  So you have some more goals as well, but you're not that far from your goal anyway.  Sometimes you do fall off track, so how do you handle that?

Ms. Pat: When I do fall off I have to get back on!  I have to say, come on girl do this thing! Start getting back on the right foods, Let the fried foods go the pasta, the rice and get on the bake goods the vegetables and fruits!

Q: Tell me about the feeling after you lost weight, how did you feel?

Ms. Pat: Oh I feel great, you have more energy and it makes you just want to go more!! I felt great after I lost that.

Q: How about your clothes size?

Ms. Pat: I was able to drop 5 dress sizes! 

Toni B!: Wow! That is awesome - well you are a hard worker and you are dedicated.  I have to say this because it's rightfully so, you were our first biggest loser!


Ms. Pat AFTER!!!