Biggest Loser 2010 "Ms. Alma"

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Meet Our FIRST EVER Fitness Member and now, our 2010 BIGGEST LOSER, Ms. Alma!!!

Talk about THRILLING to see someone who has been such a great supporter of my business make a HUGE LIFE ACCOMPLISHMENT!!

Read her Exclusive Interview here:

Toni B! (TB!): You've been our VERY 1st MEMBER of Toni B!'s !AVID CENTER since April of 2005. What initially inspired you to work out? Why did you choose this fitness studio?

Ms. Alma: I was inspired initially because of the benefits of working out, feeling better, looking better, good health and longevity. I joined the military many years ago and discovered true physical fitness is attainable. In 2010 I was diagnosed with high blood pressure. I had never been required to take any medication, it was discouraging to learn first that I had developed high blood pressure and second that now I was required to take medication daily to control my high blood pressure. I chose your fitness studio becvause I knew (from association with your mom) that you were a professional dancer, performer and that you had been doing so consistently. You were seriously into your craft. Dedication is key, and important in success. I knew that your dedication to committment would be an asset for patron success. (She NO longer take prescription medications to control her blood pressure!)

TB!: How do you feel about our classes that we offer? Do you find them effective?
What would be your favorite class?

Ms. Alma: I think the classes offered at the Advid center are good variety of mix. I find doing a variety of exercises very effective to get that overall physical fitness. My favorite class is the early morning classes, 5:30 a.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays. I like working out despite not liking to get up, but once I get there, I know you will provide a good workout. I like getting the workout done early and it really energizes me.

TB!: You've seen our previous "Biggest Losers," Ms. Pat in 2008 & Ms. Belinda in 2009. How do you feel about their accomplishments? Did you ever think at that time, that YOU could be the next Biggest Loser?

Ms. Alma: My congratulations to Ms. Pat and Ms. Belinda. Both their accomplishments are great and it was fun to watch. Both ladies encouraged myself and other members with their persistence and dedication. No, I did not think I would be the Biggest Loser, I was pleasantly surprised.

TB!: You've also mentioned that when I held a food seminar before one of our fitness classes that you had a better understanding of what to eat. Can you elaborate more on that?

Ms. Alma: The food seminar you provided that explained contents of packages, how to read labels and making healthier choices was effective for me. Knowing how to read labels and better understand what I'm eating is key to my fitness. When you take the time and read the labels and see the major differences in the contents of the ingredients, and realizing that I can eat healthier foods that taste great works for me. I read and compare labels all the time, watching the sugar, fats, carbs and make healthier choices. If I do eat a favorite that is "not so healthy" I pay attention to the serving size. Food seminars are informative and appreciated.

TB!: What was the one thing that kept you going and keeps you consistent?

Ms. Alma: The memory of my mom and her encouragement to take care of your health. I also have a (14) fourteen year old son wanting to encourage him to be healthy also. The memory of how I felt when I was in better health. Remembering how much better I felt, much more energy, and seeing my success in the reaction of my family and friends.

TB!: What made you stick and stay with it?

Ms. Alma: I dedicated my weight loss to my deceased mom, I wore her tennis shoes and still do!

TB!: How much weight have you lost so far?

Ms. Alma: 43 pounds

TB!: You've been a valued member since 2005. How did 2010 make it such a focal point for you to be THE year to get serious to lose such a large amount to weight?

Ms. Alma: For the first time in my life I was diagnosed with high blood pressure. I experience the loss of loved onces and fell into depression unaware that I had gained weight over a period of time. I dedicated my weight loss to the memory of my loved ones, namely my mom. She would always insist on healthy eating and living. I did not like having a subscription for BP bills and being required to take pills daily. I actually wear tennis shoes that belonged to my mom and just decided to really do the things you suggested. The food schedules you provide were great! I just followed the script and focused on doing the exercises properly, drinking water and the weight came off.

TB!: What kind of support system did you have while on your journey to losing weight?

Ms. Alma: I did ask God for strenght to dedicate my goal to my Mom. My number one fan is my teenage son, who would be brutally honest, but when he told me, "Mom, you're losing weight, you look good" I knew he was being honest and he meant it.

TB!: When are you going to stop?!

Ms. Alma: Stopping is not an option. Good health is a lifestyle I must continue.

TB!:  What are your views on falling off track?

Ms. Alma: I love to eat, especially seafood. Stay focused on your goal, eat foods you enjoy that are good for you. When you fall off track get back on again as soon as possible. I believe in taking breaks but then returning full force and working harder.

TB!: What can you say to encourage others to get started? What advice would you give? 

Ms. Alma: Decide to start and just do it. Get tired to being sick and tired and make the necessary changes and stick to it. Consistency is the key. Get up and dedicate at least one hour of the 24 in a day to your goal. Do this for you, you deserve it!

MS. Alma - Before (coming soon)

You definitely worked extremely hard and you are revered by our new members that come to our studio! I am SOOO proud of your accomplishment!! (Not to mention, GIRL YA LOOK GOOD!! ) It is my distinct pleasure of giving you this well deserved title of "Toni B!'s !AVID CENTER's 2010 BIGGEST LOSER!!" Congratulations and keep on your mission to take care of yourself!!

Thanks T!