2012 (Female) BIGGEST LOSER Ms. Rhesaanjel

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Meet our 2012 FEMALE BIGGEST LOSER, Ms. Rhesaanjel!!

Congratulations once again!! I can't thank you enough (and pat you on your back) by commending your tireless effort, eagerness & enthusiasm to make you a better you!! I'm so proud of you becoming a well deserved and honorable status in my studio as the 2012 BIGGEST LOSER!! 

Read her exclusive interview and get INSPIRED!

Some have a moment when enough is enough! When did it occur to you that it was time to get back in shape? What was your motivation?

 That moment for me was looking in the mirror nearly two years AFTER my youngest son was born and seeing how out of control my body was. I was nowhere near what I used to be and got tired of using the excuse of being older and having babies as my reason for looking the way I did. That was my motivation to get my rear in gear!

Have you ever had any weight issues before in the past?

After I had my oldest son in 2001, but I quickly lost that weight. This time, it just wouldn't come off.

Our 2012 BIGGEST LOSERS, Troy and Rhesa!!

How has your journey of losing roughly 40 pounds been?

It has NOT been easy and there were times that when I wasn't seeing what I wanted to see, I became extremely discouraged. I would look at other members and listen to them talk about how much weight they were losing and become bothered that I wasn't losing as quickly. But after Toni got my mind right, I "left" that frame of thought behind and got my act together. The weight started coming off and each week, I was excited about seeing the results. I was addictive.

How did you hear about Toni B!'s !AVID CENTER?

I knew about Toni B! because she was my Cheerleading Coach when I attended Xavier University and she was into fitness even then. I used to jokingly say that I was in better shape when I cheered for her than I was after I finished the Police Academy (but it was true). Then my friend Summer Turner started going and talked about how amazing she felt and I knew I had to go and give it a try.

What is your favorite workout class at Toni B!'s !AVID CENTER and why?

My favorite class is the Wednesday night Merengue Madness---Total body workout with plenty of laughs---mostly at myself because I have "0" rhythm!!!

If you can grade/rate our services, what would it be?

 "A" plus plus plus! You won't find anything like her program or like her. Not knocking what anyone else is doing to help people become healthy, BUT Toni B! is the best!!!

Do you ever plan on stopping working out? *Do you have any new fitness goals for the future?

I have no plans WHATSOEVER to stop working out--I can't! I have nearly 30 more pounds I want to lose in the next three months and I will not let that goal elude me this time. Then it's on to permanent maintaining.You know how expensive it is to keep replacing clothes once you lose weight??? 

If you can give advice to someone maybe having a hard time just starting out and wanting to lose weight, what would you say??

I have SO many words of advice to give, but since I can be long winded, I'll keep it short  "STAY THE COURSE"
It is imperative that you do because accomplishing that goal feels like the greatest feat ever!!!

Well Rhesa, it's such an honor to assist you on your journey!! I've seen your transformation first hand and stand proud to give you the highest honor as our 2012 Female BIGGEST LOSER!! You have definitely earned that title through your hard work and your determination!! Congratulations!! Keep up that EXCELLENT WORK!!