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Meet Mrs. Belinda (Mrs. B.):

Mrs. Belinda has been a fitness member of Toni B!'s !AVID CENTER since 2007 and has adamantly been on her mission to lose a few pounds. 

FINALLY!! The exclusive interview with the one and only, our Biggest Loser, Mrs. B!

Q: What got you started to exercise?

It was Freddie.  When I saw her at the hairdresser, I saw the weight that she lost and got excited!  I asked her what she did and she introduced me to Toni B! and brought me to her studio.  From there on, I took it and ran!

Q: What was the one thing that kept you going and keeps you consistent?

I always was out of breath, didn’t feel good about my size, and felt depressed by looking at myself in the mirror.  The one thing that made me do it was that my mom was a heavy lady.  She was so heavy, that when she got sick, we had to carry her around and do everything for her. I didn’t want to be like that.  I wanted to be different.  I wanted to be healthier than that.  So I just said, 'well I know what I’m going to do.  I’m going to try to lose this weight.'  But before I went to T-B!AC and saw Freddie, I was telling my husband I needed to exercise, I needed to diet.  I was so disgusted with this weight.  He said, well do something.  I said I don’t know what to do, but I wished I could think of something.  So the Lord showed me Freddie.

Q: What made you stick and stay with it?

I stuck with it because I started dropping weight.  I said WOW!  I didn’t think this could happen!  I got excited! I got comfortable with it! Then Toni B! said “Food is NOT a thing that control you. YOU control food!”  I said I think that’s REAL and I started controlling the food!  I just started trying to do the right thing and eat the right thing.

Q: How much weight have you lost so far?

So far I’ve lost 81 pounds!!!

Q: When did you start?  November of 2007.

Q: When are you going to stop!  I’m NOT!!

Q:  Ms. B., what are your views on falling off track?

I don’t want to be one of those people that lost all that weight and then all of a sudden, gained it all back.  I’ve seen it so much that I refuse to go that route.  You always learn through and from other people.  Looking at other people'S failures make you don’t want to do what they do.  But listening to Toni B! tell me all these things about what I should do about this weight and food, it helped out.

TB: It makes sense though.  It’s hard but it’s not that difficult.  Make small changes to your diet and keep it realistic in order to stick with it.  That’s the purpose of the FIT CARD.

Q: (To Mrs. Freddie.)  What do you have to say about Ms. B?

I am happy for her because this is the 1st time in her life she has exercised and changed her eating habits and her lifestyle.  I’m just so proud of her because she is back to the size she used to be when she was much younger than she is, and I think that it’s really great!

WOW!! The NEW & IMPROVED Mrs. Belinda!!


Q: Yes I have some pictures here that shows otherwise. Ms. B., what do you think of when you see these old pictures of you?

(Laughter) I think about that I NEVER want to go back to that AGAIN!!

Q: How do you feel?  I feel like heaven! I feel great!

Ms. B: When I first came to you told me, “Ms B., it’s about you, forget about your family, your husband, and take care of your first and think about me.”

TB:  AMEN!  People tell me all these excuses, about why they haven’t been active, like thyroid, or (CUTS ME OFF with laughter!)

I thought you were cruel! (Laughter!)  I told you that I had High Blood Pressure, and you said “AND?” “NO EXCUSE!”

Mrs. Freddie:  You can say what you want, but guess what?!  You better do what you have to do, and that has nothing to do with working out!!

Mrs. B.: Then she (Toni B!) brought me a picture of this lady and said look at this lady and guess her age.  I couldn’t guess her age because she looks so good!  But Toni B! said if you would stick to it, set your goals by being for life and for yourself and be committed – it’ll work out. Sure enough- it did!

TB: That’s absolutely true.  You had high blood pressure and took pills, right?

Yes.  Took the pills- I’m off the pills, thank you Lord!!  No more pills!!  High blood pressure disappeared!!  All of your sickness that you are going through will disappear!  But you got to exercise and eat healthy!

Mrs. Freddie:  That’s what I said about exercise and cholesterol.  The last two times I had blood work done- it was great!  I was on medicine for it but exercise was one of the main thing that helped it!

TB: That’s why I try to inspire people to take better care of themselves.  Being an average person who never worked out before, what was that like?

Never in my life I have worked out. I thought exercise was the worse thing in my life!  I was like, there’s no way I can do that!  When I first came to exercise here, I couldn’t keep my legs up to do work my inner thighs! There’s no way!  Now I can’t stop exercising!  It was Freddie who encouraged me!

Q: What can you say to encourage others to get started? What advice would you give? 

I would tell them to try cutting back with the food and another thing – Exercise!!  Exercise is the greatest thing you would want to do!  I didn’t think exercise was so good and healthy because once you exercise, you feel like a new person!  Your ENERGY just flows!!  People always say take vitamins for this. (Energy.)  You don’t need vitamins!  Exercise is your vitamin!  Now you’ll be tired and it’s hard starting off.  But once your finished exercising, it feels like you can go some more and some more.  It works out fine for me.  I  love it and I wouldn’t give it up for NOTHING!!   Let’s do this!!

Come visit our studio!

2112 Belle Chasse Hwy., Suite 8

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She continues to be an inspiration and a blessing to our facility!  WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU