Miss Camp T-B!AC 2013-2014

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Miss Camp T-B!AC QUEEN, Miss Tiva Emerald Batiste

Congratulations to Miss Tiva Emerald Batiste!!  Miss Tiva B! was crowned the QUEEN of Camp T-B!AC 2013-2014. She received a beautiful rindstone tiara, an official banner, prizes, and a full scholarship to Camp T-B!AC 2013-2014. Miss Tiva B! will be presented in a formally later this year. She will be making several appearances throughout her reign as Miss Camp T-B!AC 2013-2014 QUEEN!

We are very excited to present to you our third Miss Camp T-B!AC QUEEN, Miss Tiva Emerald Batiste.  This prestigious title was earned through her merit of donating her personal toys to her church, which sponsors homeless shelters in Jefferson Parish. Miss Tiva B! donated THREE BAGS of her personal toys on her own!! Miss Tiva B! will be making several appearances to raise awareness and more toys for more unfortunate children.




Miss Camp T-B!AC QUEEN 2013-2014, Miss Tiva Emerald Batiste!!

Miss Tiva B!

Miss Tiva B! is a beautiful and charming 5 year old!! She is a Pre K student.  She aspires to be a doctor.  Her favorite colors are green, black, purple, blue and orange. She has attended Camp T-B!AC for all of her life.  She is a Camp T-B!AC Product.  She works very hard and is an avid learner.  She pledges to always do her best to better herself and will inspire others to do the same!  Congratulations to our beautiful Camp T-B!AC Queen 2013-2014, Miss Tiva Emerald Batiste!!

Her Cause

Miss Tiva B! is trying to bring awareness to young children that self esteem, discipline, and having loads of fun is very important in a young girls life. If you or someone you know would like to ask Miss Tiva B! any questions, please feel free to do so by clicking the link below.